TheGirlWriting (thegirlwriting) wrote in loveandacademia,

I have created this blog to chronicle my trials and tribulations of being a single, twenty-five year old, workaholic on a journey to find Mr.Right. I have had my fair share of ups and downs with relationships through the years and after being single for a while I have decided to put a serious effort into trying to find someone to settle down with. Since I have been single there has been a slew of Mr.RightNows and I’m trying to get beyond that.

I have always been told that the right person will fall into my life when I’m not looking for them, but with work and other activities I’m in; I’m just not seeing that happen anytime soon. Anyhow, I tend to be a “grab life by the horns” type of person to begin with.

This brings me to my personality type and the type of guy I am looking for. I am well educated and I have very little tolerance for those who do not take the value of education seriously. I am also very active outdoors and need who ever I’m with to be able to keep up. It has already been stated that I’m a workaholic, which I can be more intense than I should be. I guess “Intense” all around is a good way to describe me.

So today I start my public quest! Wish me luck and feel free to post any questions.

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