kinoko101286 (kinoko101286) wrote in loveandacademia,

New Too!

Hello everyone!

I just signed up, and I was so happy to find similar stories to mine =)

I'm a criminal justice graduate student at Texas State (San Marcos, Texas), almost a thousand miles away from my boyfriend, Miguel, who lives in Tampico, Mexico. He is also in grad school, only his area of study is in construction.

We are both very different as he is an engineer and my area is social science. I think about theory, the increasing gray area between black and white, taking chances, and doing research. He thinks about precision, perfection, math, and application. This reflects in our relationship, as he is a planner type and I'm more of an adventurer. In all, we both make it work and are happy regardless of the difficulty of being apart because of our graduade studies.

I hope one day I can share a little bit more of his mentality and he can share a little more of my adventure.

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