patternsofstars (patternsofstars) wrote in loveandacademia,

Hi. I'm new to this community.

My boyfriend and I are both computer scientists. Our areas of research are very different - mine is very theoretical while his is applied. We can't imagine our world without each other. We leave unfinished proofs on the blackboards in each others' apartments. How could we not?

We live 6000 kilometres apart, right now. We visit each other 3 times per year. It's so hard. I'm presently struggling with leaving my work here unfinished and transferring into his institute. Love endures.

We dream of having a baby one day. First we need to end up on the same continent.

I'm looking forward to posting more, here. I think it will help. I get the distinct impression that many of the people here understand what we're going through. :-) 

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