Femaelstrom (femaelstrom) wrote in loveandacademia,

Hi there!

Hello *Waves*

* Suze
* 23
* Midlands, UK
* Engaged to Chris for 2 years, together for 3 years

I would really like to get in touch with other graduate students in similar situation and think this community is a great idea. I want to hear about other people's experiences of juggling their course and relationship. Any tips? Tricks? Sage advice?

Chris and I will be staying with his family who live near to the university I'll be studying at. After a years break from uni and a years independence (living on our own) it's going to be a hectic and strange time. I am really excited and so appreciative of Chris and his families support. They've all been amazing. Ideally I'd like to go on (grades willing) to do my PhD afterwards. I have a real love of studying. Even during my year off this past year where I was supposed to be relaxing/saving up I ended up taking a night class!
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