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Bringing your SO abroad

Hello everyone! This is my first post on here, great to meet you all.

So, I am interested in applying to a couple MA programs abroad in Canada and England. The programs are a great fit. However, I am in a long term relationship that means the world to me and would never want to be apart from my SO for a year or two while I went to school. Neither of us want that.

Is it possible for your SO to come with you abroad while you go to school without him also going to school and having a job lined up over there or something? I was reading and I guess Canada will let your SO come over if you are married or have been co-habitating for a year or more and can prove it. Neither is the case for us.

Is there any hope of us being able to go over there together or should I just scratch those abroad programs off my list of schools. (We are unwilling to do long-distance).

Thanks you for your stories, comments, and input!
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