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Just thought I'd ask for advice/suggestions/tips/etc.

Hi everyone! I looked back a few pages, but with a lack of tags and this place being very quiet it's time for a new topic. The boy and I met my last semester of Undergrad (when I was trying to NOT start anything up - go figure lol.) and we decided to stick it out. I'm just starting my two year MFA and he's on his final year of his Nursing degree. So far things have been cruising along just peachy for the summer time (I'm down in Texas and he's in New York), but with the fall approaching fast I thought I'd ask for advice. See, the catch is I'll be out in California for Grad school and he'll be in Vermont finishing his Undergrad. So the time differences alone will prove hectic to our busy school schedules. We're thankfully getting a good dose of each other before school starts (ten days woo!), but after that we won't be sure when I can fly out for my turn to see him.

So any suggestions/advice/tips/etc that has worked for you in the past with keeping an LD relationship lively? One of the catches is he doesn't own a computer. He uses either the library or computer lab since he's not technologically inclined (edited to clarify that it meant more his extreme lack of know-how) at all. He's just now getting a cell phone so we can talk thanks to no land line in his apartment, and anywhere else. Lord knows his friends are going to appreciate that too lol.

Anything would be greatly appreciated since neither of us have really dived into an LDR before.

Edit: While it is appreciated the overall suggestion he should get a laptop since he could have a webcam/Skype and take advantage of these benefits, I'd really like to hear anything else people have done that doesn't involve those two things. So if there's any other suggestions besides those please!
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