Shana (willow_78) wrote in loveandacademia,

Hello all,

I have a question for you. But first, a little background info. I have worked in the veterinary field for 15 years. I finally made up my mind to go to veterinary school about 5 years ago and have since finished my undergraduate degree. I've now moved to a new town in a new state to apply to a very certain veterinary school. Given the insanely high degree of competition, I wasn't surprised when I was rejected on my first application. I will apply again. However, I'm now, for the first time, considering something outside of the veterinary field. The university that I'm applying to has very interesting graduate programs. Given my love of teaching and the academic environment, I'm now considering graduate school.

I know what kind of workload to expect in veterinary school, but I have no idea what to expect from graduate school.

So my question for you - what is it like? What should I expect life to be like as a graduate student? My subject will most likely be centered around zoonotic disease and immunology, if that helps.

I don't expect life to be all sunshine and roses, but I don't know just how hard it will be. I am also in a long term relationship and my partner will be working throughout this entire process. So far, she's been very supportive. I don't expect that to change, but she does require some maintenance. =)

Thank you for any enlightening info you can provide!
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