northern star (nord_licht) wrote in loveandacademia,
northern star

grad school vs. starting a relationship

Hi guys,
I've been reading this blog for a while and now I decided to ask you for advice. Sorry for my bad English  - I am an international student :)
I've been a Masters' student in North America for quite a while, have never dated and till recently felt perfectly well on my own. Now I am accepted to a Ph.D. program, but in the same time  realize that it is time to search for a significant other. However, when I look at female profs in my dep't, who are mostly single, or my fellow students, all of whom started dating their loved ones before entering grad school, I grow frustrated. Now I ask myself: is it at all possible to start and develop a serious relationship while pursiung graduate degree? What was your experience and how did you manage to balance it with the grad school stress?
Thanks a lot in advance!
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