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A little advice, please? (Cross-Posted)

I'm not exactly sure where to begin with this post or what advice people might be able to offer, but, I live in hope....

So, here's the story.

I started a two year MA last year and it became obvious by the end of the first semester that my health wasn't what it should be. I'm a medical mishap so it didn't particularly phase me. Because of this I was living with my fiance and family, not working and commuting from a small town to the nearby city of my university. Long story short scheduling appointments was hard so at the end of the year we were still at the tests phase and I was too rundown, exhausted and bombarded by appointments to make it through exams. I should add here that my grades and attendance in spite of everything had been excellent until this point.

More tests over summer (Sleep Apnoea this time) and I reapplied for the MA. October rolled around and I'd restarted the MA and was awaiting the test results. In order to restart the MA I'd moved and had to take on work. The logic behind this was that I could get more sleep even if working and that energy and time spent working would be offset by not having to commute. But, the plot thickens...I had the test results on Monday and they're saying now it isn't sleep apnoea but I have to wait for another test to rule it out completely which delays further referrals to consider/test for/rule out other things.

I'm worrying, folks. If anything the exhaustion seems to be getting worse, and I'm really panicking about juggling everything, and if I can hnow I'm going to, The appointments are in different cities depending on specialist, I have to fit them around work and uni, and I worry about the affect on my relationship with my SO if the small amount of time together is not quality time because I'm ill/busy. He's sympathetic and understands how things are but I can't help worrying. There's a further issue too as my second year is a year in practice and part of me worries, regardless of if I get good grades all year and pass the exam, that if I don't get this treated it could stop me continuing because they can't let me or because no where will take me. Obviously, it'd have to be declared. If not it'd probably cause even more trouble. As for what it might be if it isn't Sleep Apnoea I'm trying not to think about that yet.

I guess my questions are (keeping in mind the exhaustion, and that unfortunately cutting out work is not an option)....

Can anyone who has been through similar health issue wise offer any advice? Any resource advice that might help with keeping on top of university? Any general tips from members for juggling work and university?

And, obviously, I'm looking here for any tips for doing the above and setting aside free time for your partner/managing the whole LDR situation?
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