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Love and Academia
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Date:2013-07-07 21:11
Subject:Graduate School

I just thought I would let people know that I was accepted to the sociology program at Humboldt State University with an emphasis in teaching. I will start at the end of August, but have already started to read the books required for my classes.

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Date:2013-06-25 12:49
Subject:Speaking in Tongues

A Russian education is typically more theoretical than practical. However, one area where the subject matter is all about practicality is linguistics, where a Russian education really shines. Check out the cunning linguists you can find in Russia and Ukraine:http://bit.ly/17zuj7b

                                                                    Anastasia Philo

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Date:2013-04-14 03:43
Subject:onward and where?
Mood: contemplative

Well I am in my last quarter as an undergraduate. It's taken a long time since I starter late out of high school then took many years off to work and help my family, but I am finally getting my BA this June. I am taking one class (the last one required) right now and I find myself wondering what to do next. The problem isn't deciding what I want to do after college, but that I have too many things I want to do. I would like to teach in Europe, get a master's degree, get my teaching credential, get a job. Too many right! Of course I am planning on looking for a job soon, but what I really would like to do is get away if only for a while because god knows I deserve it after the last few years of hell i've been through in my life. I figure i'm not getting any younger and school will always be there when I get back.

Well, back to reality of now and maybe I can maintain the focus to go after my wish.

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Date:2013-01-09 10:32
Subject:Grad school essay samples

I am applying to grad. school in California. CSU Chico, Humboldt, and other places. I have already talked to their graduate coordinators. They told me not to send something to long, but not to short? They never really gave me a concrete number. How long was your sample? Thanks.

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Date:2010-10-21 21:35
Subject:A little advice, please? (Cross-Posted)
Mood: thoughtful

I'm not exactly sure where to begin with this post or what advice people might be able to offer, but, I live in hope....

So, here's the story. Grad school + Long distance relationship + illness + Work = What now?!Collapse )

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Date:2010-08-20 02:25
Subject:Free Amazon Prime for students

Amazon is currently giving free 1 year memberships to Amazon Prime (free 2 day shipping, $3.99 overnight shipping) to current students with a .edu email address: http://www.amazon.com/gp/student/signup/info I'm not sure how long they're offering this (it doesn't say on the site).

Just thought i'd give fellow students the heads up on this in case you haven't heard about it yet. This is going to save me a ton on shipping textbooks this year!

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Date:2010-08-19 11:43

I have created this blog to chronicle my trials and tribulations of being a single, twenty-five year old, workaholic on a journey to find Mr.Right. I have had my fair share of ups and downs with relationships through the years and after being single for a while I have decided to put a serious effort into trying to find someone to settle down with. Since I have been single there has been a slew of Mr.RightNows and I’m trying to get beyond that.

I have always been told that the right person will fall into my life when I’m not looking for them, but with work and other activities I’m in; I’m just not seeing that happen anytime soon. Anyhow, I tend to be a “grab life by the horns” type of person to begin with.

This brings me to my personality type and the type of guy I am looking for. I am well educated and I have very little tolerance for those who do not take the value of education seriously. I am also very active outdoors and need who ever I’m with to be able to keep up. It has already been stated that I’m a workaholic, which I can be more intense than I should be. I guess “Intense” all around is a good way to describe me.

So today I start my public quest! Wish me luck and feel free to post any questions.

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Date:2010-07-22 09:10
Subject:One half in academia

I'm the other half. I work in a university  library, but I only have a bachelor's.  I don't have any immediate plans to go to grad school, but my spouse is at the end of a PhD program.  We're not long for this city, and 99.9% likely to move to another state or country due to my spouse's field.  I've found myself in limbo.  Support him (he's been working towards this for so long) but put myself on hold? It's hard to commit to things (school, non-profit boards, leadership positions at work) when you don't know if you'll be gone in the next 6 months.  

Is there anybody else here who is the non-academic half? Who feels like they're betraying themselves a little by putting themselves on hold for someone else?

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Date:2010-03-24 22:43
Subject:Lack of support, excess of stress
Mood: anxious

Abstract: Girl can't decide if she should stay in her relationship once she goes to grad school this September, because currently the relationship is already strained because of academic pursuits - wouldn't grad school and distance make things worse?

The details:

I've been dating my boyfriend for almost a year. I love him. He's just what I was looking for, we get along really well, have similar interests etc. Unfortunately, we're both trying really hard in school right now. I'm finishing my undergraduate degree and will be starting an MLIS (library science) degree this September. He has 2 more years of undergraduate studies and is obsessed with entering the honours program, and later getting a master's and a doctorate.

Already, I hate it when he can't go out with me because he's studying. He can't talk to me on the phone for 20 min. 'cause he needs to finish a paper. He has to get up at 6am every day to study. I really admire his dedication, and I happen to think that school is extremely important... but I sometimes want to be the center of his life. I know I'm extremely important to him; he has skipped class because we needed to talk, he always takes my calls, and consistently makes an effort to make me happy. The bad part is that I understand how important school is, and often let him have the time and space he needs to do his best. (He's no good at studying with me around, unfortunately. But we're working on it.)

I'm stressed, sad, and lonely. I know things will be easier during the summer, but I'm desperately afraid of what September holds. Our relationship will suddenly be long-distance, he'll (I assume) be in an honours program and I'll be in my first year of grad school. I'm terrified.

Some advice would be greatly appreciated! I don't want to hurt him or myself emotionally, but most importantly our academic careers!

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Date:2010-03-08 06:36
Subject:New Blog you might like

Hi everyone,

I am a 20-year-old female university student. I have just started a blog that I think people in this community might enjoy.

It is a humorous blog giving juicy true details of my tangled love and sex lives. Right now I have several guys in my life, including 'The Boyfriend', 'The Aristocrat', 'The Friend of the Ex' and 'The Bible Basher'. Come and read my witty tales to see how it all develops... You will like my blog if you're open minded and a little bit naughty!




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Date:2010-02-28 14:24
Subject:Working on my thesis, please fill out my survey!

Hey everyone!

I'm conducting research for my master's thesis at NYU's Department of Nutrition, Food Studies and Public Health to determine the effects of social media and web tools on eating habits, exercise, and health decisions. At the moment, there is very little research in this area and I would love to hear more about your experience using this technology.

I need a whopping 100 responses, so please, please fill this out when you get a chance, and forward to anyone else who might be interested. This survey takes approximately 15-20 minutes to answer, and all responses are kept anonymous.

Major thanks in advance for your time and assistance!


Here is the survey link:

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Date:2010-02-05 21:57
Subject:had a "thing" with someone in the dept - now it's over and things are difficult!!!

it's kind of long...Collapse )

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Date:2009-12-14 11:09
Subject:New Too!

Hello everyone!

I just signed up, and I was so happy to find similar stories to mine =)

I'm a criminal justice graduate student at Texas State (San Marcos, Texas), almost a thousand miles away from my boyfriend, Miguel, who lives in Tampico, Mexico. He is also in grad school, only his area of study is in construction.

We are both very different as he is an engineer and my area is social science. I think about theory, the increasing gray area between black and white, taking chances, and doing research. He thinks about precision, perfection, math, and application. This reflects in our relationship, as he is a planner type and I'm more of an adventurer. In all, we both make it work and are happy regardless of the difficulty of being apart because of our graduade studies.

I hope one day I can share a little bit more of his mentality and he can share a little more of my adventure.


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Date:2009-10-25 00:59

Hi. I'm new to this community.

My boyfriend and I are both computer scientists. Our areas of research are very different - mine is very theoretical while his is applied. We can't imagine our world without each other. We leave unfinished proofs on the blackboards in each others' apartments. How could we not?

We live 6000 kilometres apart, right now. We visit each other 3 times per year. It's so hard. I'm presently struggling with leaving my work here unfinished and transferring into his institute. Love endures.

We dream of having a baby one day. First we need to end up on the same continent.

I'm looking forward to posting more, here. I think it will help. I get the distinct impression that many of the people here understand what we're going through. :-) 

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Date:2009-08-05 09:42
Subject:Hi there!

Hello *Waves*

* Suze
* 23
* Midlands, UK
* Engaged to Chris for 2 years, together for 3 years

I would really like to get in touch with other graduate students in similar situation and think this community is a great idea. I want to hear about other people's experiences of juggling their course and relationship. Any tips? Tricks? Sage advice?

Chris and I will be staying with his family who live near to the university I'll be studying at. After a years break from uni and a years independence (living on our own) it's going to be a hectic and strange time. I am really excited and so appreciative of Chris and his families support. They've all been amazing. Ideally I'd like to go on (grades willing) to do my PhD afterwards. I have a real love of studying. Even during my year off this past year where I was supposed to be relaxing/saving up I ended up taking a night class!

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Date:2009-07-19 20:38

Hello everyone! My name is Laura and I am from Michigan. I am finishing my undergrad up, and have been with Rick for awhile. Rick already graduated and starts law school in the fall. We met at college in a poli sci class. I am relieved to find a place where I might be understood better. My friends, while sweet and caring, and clueless about what it's going to be like as am I. I am nervous about Rick starting law school and me starting grad school later on, but we find education very important. Anyways, sorry to ramble. Nice to meet you all! =)

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Date:2009-07-19 14:48
Subject:Bringing your SO abroad
Mood: confused

Hello everyone! This is my first post on here, great to meet you all.

So, I am interested in applying to a couple MA programs abroad in Canada and England. The programs are a great fit. However, I am in a long term relationship that means the world to me and would never want to be apart from my SO for a year or two while I went to school. Neither of us want that.

Is it possible for your SO to come with you abroad while you go to school without him also going to school and having a job lined up over there or something? I was reading and I guess Canada will let your SO come over if you are married or have been co-habitating for a year or more and can prove it. Neither is the case for us.

Is there any hope of us being able to go over there together or should I just scratch those abroad programs off my list of schools. (We are unwilling to do long-distance).

Thanks you for your stories, comments, and input!

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Date:2009-07-06 14:44
Subject:Just thought I'd ask for advice/suggestions/tips/etc.
Mood: contemplative

Hi everyone! I looked back a few pages, but with a lack of tags and this place being very quiet it's time for a new topic. The boy and I met my last semester of Undergrad (when I was trying to NOT start anything up - go figure lol.) and we decided to stick it out. I'm just starting my two year MFA and he's on his final year of his Nursing degree. So far things have been cruising along just peachy for the summer time (I'm down in Texas and he's in New York), but with the fall approaching fast I thought I'd ask for advice. See, the catch is I'll be out in California for Grad school and he'll be in Vermont finishing his Undergrad. So the time differences alone will prove hectic to our busy school schedules. We're thankfully getting a good dose of each other before school starts (ten days woo!), but after that we won't be sure when I can fly out for my turn to see him.

So any suggestions/advice/tips/etc that has worked for you in the past with keeping an LD relationship lively? One of the catches is he doesn't own a computer. He uses either the library or computer lab since he's not technologically inclined (edited to clarify that it meant more his extreme lack of know-how) at all. He's just now getting a cell phone so we can talk thanks to no land line in his apartment, and anywhere else. Lord knows his friends are going to appreciate that too lol.

Anything would be greatly appreciated since neither of us have really dived into an LDR before.

Edit: While it is appreciated the overall suggestion he should get a laptop since he could have a webcam/Skype and take advantage of these benefits, I'd really like to hear anything else people have done that doesn't involve those two things. So if there's any other suggestions besides those please!

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Date:2009-03-18 13:34
Subject:At a Crossroads Concerning Academia (or, didn't they use to put gallows here?)

Just trying to title this topic gives me agita.  So I went with the door marked "Flippant," even though I'm actually wigging out quite badly.

Background. Lots of background.Collapse )




crossposted to academics_anon 

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Date:2009-02-28 10:10

Hello all,

I have a question for you. But first, a little background info. I have worked in the veterinary field for 15 years. I finally made up my mind to go to veterinary school about 5 years ago and have since finished my undergraduate degree. I've now moved to a new town in a new state to apply to a very certain veterinary school. Given the insanely high degree of competition, I wasn't surprised when I was rejected on my first application. I will apply again. However, I'm now, for the first time, considering something outside of the veterinary field. The university that I'm applying to has very interesting graduate programs. Given my love of teaching and the academic environment, I'm now considering graduate school.

I know what kind of workload to expect in veterinary school, but I have no idea what to expect from graduate school.

So my question for you - what is it like? What should I expect life to be like as a graduate student? My subject will most likely be centered around zoonotic disease and immunology, if that helps.

I don't expect life to be all sunshine and roses, but I don't know just how hard it will be. I am also in a long term relationship and my partner will be working throughout this entire process. So far, she's been very supportive. I don't expect that to change, but she does require some maintenance. =)

Thank you for any enlightening info you can provide!

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